On this page, you will find various resources to help you understand and successfully implement the Bridging the Talent Gaps surveys in your community, such as case studies and examples of websites for real communities who have implemented the survey which include data dashboards and action tools. You’ll also find our publications, including the chapter we contributed to the National Reserve’s publication Investing in America’s Workforce

Case Studies

North Texas Case Study

In February 2020, TGN partnered with Greater Irving–Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce to launch a BTTG initiative in the north Texas region. With the pandemic’s influence on the workforce, the survey relaunched in August 2020.

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MacLaff, Inc. Case Study

In Fall 2020, TGN partnered with One Acadiana, an economic development organization in South Louisiana, to use the Bridging the Talent Gap Employee Survey with MacLaff, Inc. MacLaff, Inc. operates 44 McDonalds restaurants, employing many frontline workers. Here are key highlights from this work.

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Colorado Case Study

In July 2020, the Colorado Workforce Development Council (CWDC) began working with The Graduate! Network (TGN) to bring the Network’s model to the state. Colorado has a goal for 66 percent of its adult residents to obtain a postsecondary credential by 2025. To achieve this goal, a significant percentage of the state’s 700,000 potential Comebackers will need to re-enroll and complete their degrees.

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Greenville, SC Case Study

When Greenville Chamber President and CEO Carlos Phillips attended his first Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) event in Indianapolis, he was inspired by the Lumina Foundation’s ambitious goal for adult education attainment. Lumina wants to ensure that “by 2025, a system exists that is easy to navigate and has helped 60 percent of Americans earn credentials that prepare them for informed citizenship and for success in a global economy

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Our Publications

You can view more reports and powerpoints on the retail sector page and the dashboard page.

Hadass Sheffer, Dan Ash, Bridgett Strickler and Zach Zimmerman from the TGN Team co-authored a chapter, Bridging The Talent Gap Through Data Insights and Community Action, in the recently released Federal Reserve publication “Investing In America’s Workforce.” You can read the chapter (Volume 1, chapter 3) at where we lay out the evidence using BTTG data to support our fundamental assertion that more robust partnerships between Higher Education Institutions, Employers and Employees are mutually beneficial to all.

Chapter Abstract: Communities need objective information to attract investments in workforce development that reinforce employers’ goals, employees’ educational attainment, and regional economic prosperity. The Graduate! Network’s Bridging the Talent Gap initiative is a locally focused, data-driven approach for building the case for employers to partner with their employees and their communities. The authors’ findings from a national survey show a valuable relationship exists between employers who provide learning benefits and employees who take advantage of these programs. Before this survey, much of the evidence to support that notion was not generalizable because of the success stories’ anecdotal nature. Research was consistently lacking data, particularly for midsized and smaller employers, which describe the nature of employer-provided educational benefits, need for those benefits, and affirmation of an employer’s return on investment.

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