Welcome to the launch of Bridging the Talent Gap Survey. We are interested in your opinions about the support provided to you in your efforts to achieve your education, training and career development goals. Your responses on this short (about 10 minute) survey will provide valuable anonymous feedback and insights to your employer. No identifiable information will be reported or shared with your employer or anyone outside the Graduate! Network research team. Your responses to this survey will be kept strictly confidential. Responses from all participants will be combined, analyzed, and the findings reported only in their aggregate form to participating employers. This survey will include an option for employees to self-identify if they are interested in talking to a local career development/training advisor (the Navigator), however, this is not a requirement and you may choose to skip this question.

NOTE: If you must pause your survey response, you may click on the “Resume later” button at the top of any survey page to provide input later.

We greatly appreciate your time and effort.

If you have any questions, or concerns about this survey, please contact Zach Zimmerman at zach.zimmerman@graduate-network.org.

The Graduate! Network is a non-profit that works with adults to further their education. (www.Graduate-Network.org). This project is part of the Bridging the Talent Gap initiative which seeks to enhance our understanding of how employers and employees can work together toward education goals.