Bridging the Talent Gap helps your community move the needle on adult education attainment and ensure a skilled workforce in three phases: 

1. Assess

Assess your business community’s education and talent gap needs

2. Engage

Engage interested employers with customized strategies to help them understand their return on investment

3. Drive Results

Drive results for community stakeholders through data-driven partnership development

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"Mission: Graduate, the education initiative of the United Way of Central New Mexico, has a big goal of 60,000 new graduates with degrees and certificates in Central New Mexico by 2020. One of our signature initiatives, Graduate! ABQ, provides one-to-one coaching to adults who want to further their education. We see these individuals at our Central Region Workforce Connection Center but have wondered how we could reach employed individuals at their place of work. The Bridging the Talent Gap survey was a tool to help us connect with both employees and employers. The survey revealed that employers are offering benefits (but their employees don’t always know about them) and that there is high interest among employers for engaging with higher education institutions. We learned employees are interested in continuing their education but need time, flexible work schedules and financial support, which validated our Graduate! ABQ work. We are in the process of building out the work with employers based on these key learnings from the BTTG survey."
Jessica Nojek

Executive Director, Mission: Graduate, Albuquerque, New Mexico
“Bridging the Talent Gap provided the St. Louis Regional Chamber an opportunity to gain valuable insight from employers in our community about the skills and talents in most demand. This kind of data is incredibly important to our work, which is focused on addressing some of our top talent shortages across key industries that give St. Louis a competitive advantage. Bridging the Talent Gap has been the impetus for a more targeted strategy focused on bringing employers together with higher education and workforce partners to build stronger talent pipelines to high-growth, in-demand occupations. This project has been a win for business partners as well as for those developing and connecting local talent to job opportunities.”
Greg Laposa
Vice President of Education Strategies, St. Louis Regional Chamber. St. Louis, Missouri
"Bridging the Talent Gap gave us a clearer understanding of the demographics of our student body, which allowed us to understand where they're working, and what supports they need to be both active and engaged citizens of the world and critical partners with their employers. Bridging the Talent Gap helped College Unbound build out its identity as a college for adult learners by allowing us to access data that has been instrumental in developing student supports to better serve the particular needs of nontraditional students. We look forward to continued collaboration with Bridging the Talent Gap as we grow as a college and expand our workplace partnerships."
Adam Bush
Vice President of Academic Affairs & Provost, College Unbound, Providence, Rhode Island
“Bridging the Talent Gap is a valuable survey tool and engagement process for outreaching to our business organizations. The survey itself was an informative process and we saw real value in the three step engagement process. The overall results and individual customized reports provided an opportunity to share the results as a community driver and individual participation. The resulting dashboard continues to be a reference in our outreach for education attainment in our community. We appreciated the opportunity to participate in this process.”
Meg Lindsay
Director of Education & Workforce, Executive Director Spokane STEM, Greater Spokane Incorporated
“Bridging The Talent Gap has proven to be an invaluable resource for Degrees Work. The BTTG survey tool helps us to identify prospective employer partners, as well as understand the education needs of their workforce. As a budding non-profit, Degrees Work relies on the research and statistics provided by Bridging The Talent Gap, that we would otherwise not be privy to. The interactive website gives us information in real time, regarding the business community and growth trends within our service area. Degrees Work fully supports Bridging The Talent Gap and looks forward to continued collaboration in the future.”
Joi McAtee
Program Director - College Coach, Degrees Work, Louisville, Kentucky


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